Some aspects on "Appearance" of Armenians in Trans Caucasus.

 For the last time there are many confirmations about "autohenity" of Armenians and Armenian language on Armenian upland and actually on the territory of Trans Caucasus, There are written facts that Armenians speaking Armenian language and lived in Armenia, and spoke it "from time immemorial" There are articles printing about "Khayass hieroglyphic script", related ostensibly to XIV -XVII c B.C . It is confirmed that from "mezamor-giksoss-ancient Armenian" alphabet XVIII c B.C are originated all alphabets of the world, that cuneiform characters of Van is ostensibly Armenian cuneiform and it should be read in Armenian and so on, Such talks, as it is repeatedly was proved In scientific literature, have no any relation to science, and are real falsification with purpose to prove aboriginality of Armenian element on the territory of modern Armenia and its neighbor regions and to establish by this fantastic ideas about necessity of alien lands' capture. Now it is well known, that Armenia is not a native land of Armenian ethos Here it is an element absolutely alien Ancient Armenian nation was put together in the zone of upper Euphrates valley, somewhere in first half of 1 st century B.C. Still in times of Herodot Armenians inhabited only western part of such called Armenian Plato, Xenofot confirms Geotod (Aliyev I "Upper Karabagh - history, facts, events" - Baku, "Elm", 1989 History finds Armenian tribes not on the territory of Armenia or at least somewhere close but far away from it. As Armenian authors confirm themselves, "the most ancient kernel of Armenians was a population of north-eastern part of Maly Asia This country was called Armatana, and later (14-13 cc, B.C.) Khayasa, From there ancestors of Armenians in 12 c. B C. invaded into limits of Shupriya (to South-East from Van lake). In the middle of 8th c B.C. it was joined to Urartu state under name Urme or Arme. Population of these areas (Khayas and Arme) spoke indo-European protoarmenian language, which gradually was a language of tribes unification of western part of Armenian upland " The greater expert of these problems ( M Dyakonov considers, that as ancient Armenian language is not congener to languages of autokhtons of Armenian upland-.., it is clear, that it noted down here from outside", and that "initial bearers of Armenian language's ancestor came to Armenian upland as active catle-breeders with subsidiary agriculture, who didn't know about class society, and with nature of Upper Land and social conditions of early class society they acquainted from autokhtons, for that time still didn't change into Armenian language". The same source considers that ancient Armenian nation was put together in upper Euphrates approximately in first half of I thousand years. (AliyeV I "Upper Karabagh - history , facts, events" - Baku," Elm" 1989.). Penetration of Armenians in the area of Trans Caucasus is related, of course, to later period We shouldn't also forget that fortress Erebuni, name of which is identified with the name of Yerevan, was installed not by Armenians, and not on Armenian, and not even on Urart king˘s but on the territory of Trans Caucasus country of Aza tribe, country which is in Urart king's writings is called "enemy's land" and which was captured by urarts in process of their move in the area, where presently is located on the territory of Armenia (Aliyev I "Upper Karabagh - history, facts, events" - Baku, "Elm" 1969) More strengthened aggressive capturing actions of Armenians, who took during times of Herodot only western part of Armenian Plato, leaded even to possibility of state system's creation for short historical period. It is surprising, that in spite of evident aggressive character of this capturing process, marked even by such impartial observer, as Strabon, some Armenian scientists try to imagine this process as unification of lands. So, in 11-1 cc. B.C. was created so called "Great Armenia"' , but not simply Armenia, Armenian land, inhabited by Armenians, and lands, captured by Armenian rulers with the force of weapon from neighbors (Aliyev I. "Upper Karabagh - history, facts, events" - Baku, "Elm". 1989). This "empire of Tigran II", recreated in mind of part of Armenian scientists, as created artificially, owing to lands of neighbors (in Trans Caucasus this is mostly lands of historical Caucasian Albania), undoubtedly in significant degree is falsification, as in reality it existed only from 186 BC till 60s of A.D, and possibly, its conquests didn't touch Albanian (azerbaijanian) lands at all, as not all sources include right coast of Kura into territory of Armenia So, undoubtedly, that all lands, on which is located present Armenian Republic, and also those territories of Azerbaijan, which today illegally captured by Armenian extremists, were not and couldn't be "native", "age-old" , "integral" Armenian, as brief mentioned above observation of basic sources showed that Armenians on all these lands is an alien element. However also there is an interesting fact about history of later and more wide scale "percolation" into Trans Caucasus lands. In period of II russian-iranian war (1826-28), when victory of russian army was undoubted, colonel H.B, Lazarev presented to Russian government a project, leit-motif of which was an idea about "renovation of Armenian kingdom in the part of Russian Empire". This idea was for ruling part of Russian Power a base for creature of buffer Christian state on outskirts of empire Upon completion of Russian-Iranian war, in accordance with Order of Nikolay I from 21 of March 1828, were abolished Nakhichevan and Erivan khanates of Azerbaijan, which now were joined into one administrative unit under name "Armenian areas". Inspired by this arrangement of tsarist government, Lazarev and others misfortune - figures even offered to increase a territory of Armenian area at the expense of and others azerbaijanian lands Sheki and Shemakha khanates (Aliyev 1. "Upper Karabagh • history, facts, events" - Baku, "Elm". 1989). By the way to counterbalance of slogans on autochthonity of Armenian nation on the lands of Karabakh we can present a fact, that Karabakh was joined to Russia not as Armenian land, and as "Moslem" property It was testified in official documents of that time (Aliyev I "Upper Karabagh - history, facts, events" -Baku, "Elm", 1989). Ethnic assimilation (and still partial) of Gregorianisation and significant Armeniasation of mountainous regions of Karabagh was in 19- th . century B.L, Velichko wrote: "An exception was wrong called by Armenians citizens of Karabagh .., confessing Armenian-grigorian belief and armenizied only three-four centuries before" (Vetlichko V.L • Caucsus Russian concern and intertribal questions - Full collection of essays, t.1, S.- Petersburg - 1904 - Baku, "Elm", 1990). It is undoubtedly, in such a way, that Armenian speaking population of present Karabagh (except those who were resettled here in XIX c) " are ancestors of armemsied local population - different Albanian tribes (not other than author Moisey Khorenskiy, calls them ancestors of Aran - ruler of Albans) (Aliyev I. "Upper Karabagh - history, facts, events" - Baku, "Elm" 1989). Also an Armenian author B. Ishkahanyan also wrote about this fact "Armenians, lived in Upper Karabagh, are partly aborigines, ancestors of ancient albans.., and partly from Turkey and Iran, for whom azerbaijanian land was asylum from pursuit and persecution" (Ishkhanyan B. - Nations of Caucasus -Petrograd, 1916). Therefore, by the way there is a fact, that so called Armenians of Karabagh and properly azerbaijanians (who are ancestors of Albanian population) of North Azerbaijan are brothers. Those and others are undoubtedly albans. So called Armenians grigorianised and armenisied, and present azerbaijaniany accepted Islam and were turkicsied. After victorious completion of Russian-Turkish and Russian - Iranian wars in 20-30s XIX c to Trans Caucasus';; areas moved thousands of Armenians from Iran and Turkey, what was foreseen in Turkmenchay peace agreement, signed between Russia and Iran (Aliyev I. "Upper Karabagh - history, facts, events" -Baku, "Elm", 1989). As it is testified by official documents, more significant mass of Armenian population were settled precisely in Karabagh, for, when for example more than 5 thousand of Armenian families moved close to Arax. Armenian area administration, referring to shortage of bread, informed, that "they can not assist for arriving settlers", in consequence of what "great part of settlers, especially poor settlers" moved to Karabagh. whew they could “be provided with everything" (Aliyev I, "Upper Karabagh history, facts, events" - Baku, "Elm", 1989). Only those years to areas of Trans Caucasus, particularly, to Karabagh, were resettled more than 200000 persons: "...during the period of two years, from 1828 till 1830, we resettled to Trans Caucasus more than 40000 of persian and 84600 turkish armenians and settled them to the best fiscal lands of Elizavetpol and Erivan provinces, where armenian population was trifling... Upper part of Elizavetpol) province (Upper Karabagh) and Gokchi (Sevan) lake's coasts were inhabited by these armenians. It is necessary to take into consideration that from 124000 armenians, official resettled, also here were resettled a lot of non official armenians, so total amount exceeds more than 200000 people... Widely have used false evidence, armenians captured a lot of fiscal lands" (Shavrov N. I. -New threat to russian concern in Trans Caucasus: forthcoming sale of Mugan to foreigners -1911, page 59-61). A.S, Griboyedov writes; "Colonel Lazarev thought about formation of regular armenian home guard, supposing even to include in his mind Karabagh itself and other areas.,, Armenians mostly are inhabited on landed moslem lands". (Griboyedov A.S. - Works in two volumes, v.2 • Publication "Pravda", M, , 1971, page 339-341). He also writes, that resettles " moslems, who murmur and basicly", and so basicly, that there is a necessity for suggestion "which has to be directed to moslems in order to reconcile them with their present aggravation, which will not continue for a long time, and eradicate from them a fear about the fact that armenians capture the lands forever, where first they were allowed to enter". Unfortunately, great writer was mistaken. In such a way, karabagh, primordial azerbaijanian land, recently gave a refugee for thousands of armenians from abroad, for whom there was a threat physical extermination. Later Soviet power gave an autonomy to them Now azerbaijanian nation pays for its hospitality. It is also necessary to notice that Albania had its own catholicosat. As Velichko wrote V.L. , "....the question about Trans Caucasian Albania, or in armenian, Agvaniya is very interesting. This is a country, which included present Klizavetpol province, and parts of Tifliss. and Dagestan, was inhabited by nations of non armenian origin.,, Before beg in ing of XIX c there existed a separate agvan or gandzasar catholicos, competing with Echmyadzin and completely independent from the last one. At present time Christians?, which were flock of agvan calhoticosat, are considered armenians and, mixed with them, accepted their character" (Velichko V.L. - Caucasus, Russian concern and intertribes questions - Full collection of works, v.2, St. Petersburg 1904-Baku, "Elm", 1990). Stit! existed and activated albanian patriarch throne in Gandzasar. armenian Catholicosat activated on recently habited lands. But when in 1837 it was succeded for Echmizdeen to bribe Saint Sinod and with its help to liquidate albanian patriarch throne, albanian catholicosat immediately took in hands alt albanians parishes and developed activity on spreading o1 grigorian persuasion between ancestors of albans in Karabagh. Also it is interesting to notice, that in 1978 in Maraga settlement (presently Leninavan) It is interesting to note (hat in I978 in Maraga settlement (presently I.eninavan) of Mardakert region in Upper Karabagh was established a monument in honor of 150 -anniversary (or settlement of first 200 arnienians from Maraga city (South Azerbaijan) to the lands of Azerbaijan. There is also one more interesting fact that armenians in accordance with their old well-known habit to falsify historical facts, later scraped from the monument a digit 150. Nobody could imagine that to what kind of consequences it will bring in future, for the first sight, resettlement of insignificant number of armenians to the lands of Karabagh. However still then many scientists warned about consequences of such hasty resettlement. Vciichko V.I.. writes the following on this topic; ".... incalculable is economical and spiritual damage- caused by armenian leaders to Caucasus and russian national-state” business, and armenian population itself', These leaders are terrible, - like corrupters like microbes of social decomposition, like parasites , Armenians need brave, selfless satirists, which would had have courage to tell them all the truth. If russian man will say it then purpose achieves only in insignificant measure; armenian politicians now start to cry out about "persecution on armenian nation" , careless people and venal publishers accept it, which fear of disclosure, - and the truth drived into dark corner,., Let armenian patriots (the word in its true sense) think about it calmly, without false self-respect and fear in front of their unbidden boss. Let them not to identify themselves with armenian nation those trouble-makers which do not spare its blood.." (Velichko V.L.. - Caucasus, Russian concert) and intertribal questions - Full collection of works, th 1, St.-Petersburg " 1904 - Baku, "Elm", 1990). Are these words, written in the beginning of our century, are an exact reflection of our today's reality, when thousands human life’s laid on altar pitiless in its nonsense delirious idea about revival of unfortunately famous " Mother Armenia"? What's a fault of simple people, whose minds are full of false -patriotically slogans ? When these leaders will be punished, shed its nation's blood? Until what time the nation whose primordial territories and rights are trampled by such immoral way, will have to respond to the acts of monstrous vandalism of aggressors. illegal territorial pretensions of which include not only culture and history, but the most saint tiling - human life’s? Today azerbaijaninn nation suffers of this injustice, but who can be entrust that big appetites of armenian false-patriots will not be directed for another territory, because as it is well-known appetite comes with eating?

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